Wayne Fisher, Organist

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Recorded in Cincinnati, various locations, various times

7th Presbyterian, Moller organ
Myron Roberts: Prelude and Trumpetings

Christ Church, Holtkamp organ
Charles Tournemire: Choral-Improvisation on "Victimae Paschali Laudes", recorded in 1973
Marcel Dupré: Deux Esquisses, Op. 41, Vivace, Deciso
Lübeck, Nun lasst uns Gott dem Herrn
J.S. Bach, Trio Sonata No. 3
RR Bennett, Sonata in G: Allegretto Grazioso

Cincinnati College of Music, Odeon, Harrison & Harrison organ
Marcel Dupré: Ballade, with John Quincy Bass, Piano, recorded in 1951.
C.M. Widor: Symphony No. 5, 1st movement
Franz Liszt, Fantasy and Fugue on "Ad Nos, Ad Salutarem Undam"
Langlais, Suite Française, Final Rhapsodique
Bossi, Gigue (on 2-manual Moller)
Widor, Symphony VI, Allegro
Corelli, Christmas Concerto
Daquin, Noël X in G
Dupré, Carillon

Hyde Park Community Methodist Church, Aeolian-Skinner organ
J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in D Major, BWV 532
G.F. Handel: Concerto Op. 4, no. 3, in G Minor
Johannes Brahms: Prelude in G Minor
Johannes Brahms: Two Chorale Preludes: Schmücke Dich, Herzlich Tut Mich Erfreuen
Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Choral-Improvisation on "In Dulci Jubilo"
Charles Tournemire: Pastorale
Henri Mulet: Tu es Petra

A Schantz organ (probably Wyoming Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, Ohio (3-manual))
J.S. Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565
J.S. Bach: Chorale Prelude "Wachet auf"
G.F. Handel: Concerto II in B-flat, Allegro
Langlais: Hommage à Frescobaldi
Ernst Pepping, Gottes Sohn ist Kommen: Vorspiel, Orgelchoral
Widor: Symphony No. 6, Finale
Dupré Ornamented Choral "Ave Maris Stella"
Mulet, Toccata Tu es Petra

From 1953
César Franck, Final
Max Reger, Weihnachten

Recital at Odeon, 1959
J.S. Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
W.A. Mozart, Fantasy in F Minor/Major, K.594
Guy Weitz, Mater Dolorosa, from First Symphony
Henri Mulet, Toccata Tu Es Petra
Franz Liszt, Fantasy and Fugue on "Ad Nos, Ad Salutarem Undam"—same as the above

Recorded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, St. Paul's Church, 1973

Recital of June 8, 1975, at St. Thomas Church, New York City

Hans Friedrich Micheelsen (1902-1973): Organ Concerto No. 2, Op. 34, "Es sungen drei Engel" : I. Tokkata
Tournemire, L'Orgue Mystique, Op. 56: Quasimodo (Easter Cycle, No. 18)
Seth Bingham: Roulade
Jean Guillou, 6 Sagas, Op. 20, Nos. 4 and 6
Ernst Pepping, Four Chorale Preludes
Vierne, Symphony V, Scherzo

Recorded at St. Luke's Church, Evanston, Illinois, during the period 1976-1978

Marcel Dupré, Évocation, Allegro Deciso
C.M. Widor, Bach's Memento [No. 4], Marche du Veilleur de Nuit (Nightwatchman's March)
C.M. Widor, Symphonie Gothique, 4th movement ("Puer Natus" variations)
Charles Tournemire, L'Orgue Mystique, Cycle de Pâques, No. 18: Quasimodo
Seth Bingham, Roulade, Op. 9, No. 3 "To David McK. Williams"
Jean Langlais, Suite Brève, Cantilene
Jean Guillou, 6 Sagas, Op. 20, No. 6 (1970; Mainz: Schott, 2005)
Henriette Puig-Roget, Montanyas del Roselló, Lo Canigo
Myron Roberts, Prelude and Trumpetings
J.C.H. Rinck, Flute Concerto in F Major, Op. 55, III: Rondo, Allegretto ("Rondo for the Flute Stop")
Marcel Dupré, Vespers of the Common of the Feasts of the Holy Virgin, Op. 18, Book 1, 6 Antiphons, No. 3, I am Black but Comely, O Ye Daughters of Jerusalem