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Vincent Lübeck (1654-1740): Nun Lasst Uns Gott dem Herren (LübWV 15)

twaltonbaker - Wayne Fisher plays Vincent Lübeck: Nun Lasst Uns Gott dem Herren

Renowned as a virtuoso organist, Vincent Lübeck was a friend of the organ builder Arp Schnitger, and served as organist of St Cosmae in Stade and St Nicholas in Hamburg, both of which had world-famous Schnitger organs. That of St. Cosmae still exists. It was originally built by Berendt Hus between 1668 and 1673. Schnitger was Hus's pupil (and also his nephew). Later, in 1688, at Vincent Lübeck's behest, Schnitger built four new (not additional) stops for the organ, a 16' Trumpet and a 3-rank Cimbel for the Hauptwerk, and an 8' Krummhorn and 4' Schalmei for the Brustwerk.

Nun Lasst Uns Gott dem Herren survives as a fragment consisting of six variations on the tune and harmony of Nun Lasst Uns Gott dem Herren. Wayne Fisher completes the piece with a seventh stanza. His interpretation is decidedly gentle, as if to say, sometimes it's OK not to use the mutations and sesquialtera and color reeds, as wonderful as these may be.

This track has some distortion in the final stanza.

This recording was made at Christ Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1973.

Wayne Fisher taught organ for many years at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati, and served as chairman of the organ department.