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Wayne Fisher plays Marcel Dupré: Ave Maris Stella No. 3 (Op 18, No. 8)

twaltonbaker - Wayne Fisher plays Marcel Dupré Ave Maris Stella No. 3 (Op. 18, No. 8)

Marcel Dupré: Ave Maris Stella No. 3 (Op 18, No. 8)

This verset is the third of four settings of Ave Maris Stella contained in the Vespers of Feasts of the Blessed Virgin (Vêpres du commun des fêtes de la Sainte-Vierge), Op. 18. This verset is marked as an Ornamented Choral in the Style of J. S. Bach. Indeed, it does remind one of Das alte Jahr vergangen ist (BWV 614) or Ich ruf' zu Dir (BWV 639) of the Orgelbüchlein.

These versets correspond to the even-numbered stanzas of the hymn, and thus are designed for performance in an "alternatim" manner. This one represents stanza no 6:
Vitam praesta puram, iter para tutum, ut videntes Jesum semper collaetemur.
Bestow a pure life, prepare a safe way, that in seeing Jesus we may ever rejoice.

Wayne Fisher taught organ for many years at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati, and served as chairman of the organ department.

This recording was made on a Schantz organ in Cincinnati, Ohio. The cassette tape does not identify the location, and the date is uncertain.