Searle Wright and St. Paul's Chapel Choir, Columbia University, Spring Festival, 1968

(of Faith and of Fancy)

J. S. Bach: Cantata BWV 79, "God the Lord is Sun and Shield," from the Spring Festival ("May Festival"), 1968. The Festival Concert was presented May 12, 1968, in South Hall, Riverside Church, because of the student uprising at Columbia that year. The orchestra was made up of students from the Manhattan and Juilliard Schools of Music and the Mannes College of Music.

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Chorus: God, the Lord, is Sun and Shield [Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild]

Aria (Alto): God is ever Sun and Shield! [Gott ist unsre Sonn und Schild!]
   (Umeko Shindo, Contralto)
Chorale: Now Thank We All Our God [Nun danket alle Gott]

Recitative (Bass): O God, the saving way to blessedness we know [Gottlob, wir wissen den rechten Weg zur Seligkeit]
   (Phillip Ramey, Bass/Baritone)
Duet (Soprano and Bass): O My God, Forsake Thy People Nevermore [Gott, ach Gott, verlaß die Deinen nimmermehr]
   (Donna Newman, Soprano, Phillip Ramey, Bass/Baritone)
Chorale: [Erhalt' uns in der Wahrheit] (sung in English)

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Recorded with a small tape deck and a single microphone, standard equipment of the day, and completely inadequate for this task. The soloists sing beautifully, but are, sadly, too far away from the mike, and are hard to hear.

Searle Wright

Reel-to-reel tape digitization by Auldworks.